Who is an Entrepreneur?
An Entrepreneur is a person who knows what to do,
when to do it (timing) and figures out how to do it.

An Entrepreneur in Christ then, is a business person with a ‘market-place ministry’ call upon their life. He or she understands that there is a higher purpose to doing business, which is to preach the message of God’s Kingdom and to bring glory to the Father in heaven, through the respective entrepreneurial giftings and platforms they have been graced with.

Entrepreneurship becomes a medium through which
they can reach the lost and spread the love of Jesus.

Our Core Values

The Holy Spirit

The presence of the Holy Spirit is the most important thing for a marketplace minster who is also an Entrepreneur.


Love is borne out of a clean heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith. - 1 Timothy 1:5.


Great peace have they whose minds are stayed on God. - Isaiah 23:6


The character of a man speaks louder than his words. We stand for justice and humanity no matter what we are faced and do not bring down our standards for earthly gains. Psalm 15

Practice of Righteousness

Our word is our bond and we do not believe in winning by dubious means. You definitely can win righteously. - Proverbs 14:3.


We believe in constant communication with God. We pray without ceasing, constantly inquiring of the Lord for direction and the grace to stay in His will.


“Show me a man diligent in his works, he shall stand before Kings and not mere men” - Proverbs 22:29. The presence of the grace of God does not rule out the importance of working hard.

Sacrificial living and giving

For the sake of the kingdom of God, we give of our time, finances and other resources required. - Ecclesiastes 11:2.


Fasting is a powerful spiritual discipline. Godly fasting with prayer releases power that can transform your life.


Building a new generation of marketplace ministers; equipping them for kingdom service and world impact.


To become the premiere center for the transformation of entrepreneurs, from emerging business leaders to extraordinary marketplace ministers.