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⦁ New events
⦁ New competitions:

– “Name the Entrepreneur” (A short bio of a professional will be typed with a silhouette frame attached. The first successful candidate to answer the full name right wins a cash price of 5,000 naira and a chance to be mentored by that professional). This will be done on a weekly basis on the website platform.
⦁ Upcoming campaigns to spread the word about The Tribe of Marketplace Ministers
⦁ Upcoming charity visits to orphanages, prisons and so on with a call for volunteers

⦁ Bi-weekly tips on how to be an extraordinary marketplace professional.
⦁ Message from the CEO (Encouraging words for the week). Can also be in a short video format.
⦁ The latest update in the world of business from around the world.
⦁ The latest appointments in highly recognized citadels of professionalship like the World bank, The World trade organization, notable banks in Nigeria, notable Industries in Nigeria and from around the world.
⦁ The latest fiscal policies made by the Nigerian government and how the average professional will be affected.


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    February 2024 Newsletter

    February 2024 Newsletter

    February 2024 Newsletter

    February 2024 Newsletter