Discipleship Agreement

Entrepreneurs IN Christ is a prayer and a learning/networking platform. By joining one of our WhatsApp groups you are committing to attending at least one of our weekly programs – either the prayer sessions or the business network fellowships.

We would have no choice but to remove you from the platform if you haven’t attended a minimum of at least one program out of the 16 programs we offer each month.

The Membership Covenants with E I C are as follows:

  1. To abide by the Code of Conduct of the organization.
  2. To adhere to the Memorandum and Article of Association to the best of their ability, objects, interest, and influence of the network.
  3. To uphold and advance the integrity & honor of the network.
  4. Not to demand, encourage or apply coercion to obtain unethical benefit in their relationships with others.
  5. Not to allow my actions knowingly or unknowingly harm the environment or compromise the health and safety of other members or other individuals or groups.
  6. To provide all needed documents for validation of my membership.
  7. Not to transfer my membership but to undergo all the required membership criteria and sign membership agreement within two weeks of my interview.
  8. To protect data of all other members at all times failing which shall be liable for the breach of data protection law.
  9. That my speech and actions both verbal and non-verbal are non-abusive.
  10. In breach of rules and regulations of the network, that is, if caught doing business activities that damages the reputation of The Tribe of Marketplace Ministers. I will be subject to removal from all The Tribe of Marketplace Ministers platforms and all my membership privileges revoked.
  11. To be responsible for any act by my sponsors and referral contrary to any provision of the general rules and regulations.
  12. To consciously make time to attend both virtual and in-person Business Network Fellowship (BNF) meetings.
  13. To participate in WhatsApp group discussions for the benefit and growth of all members.
  14. To provide discount to and patronize fellow members businesses, using discount code when applicable. “Paid Members Benefit”.
  15. To act in good faith when paired with a prayer partner or prayer group. That is, to pray for others, while they pray and intercede for your business and family.
  16. To help grow the The Tribe of Marketplace Ministers network by sharing videos about their business, group images, newsletter, Instagram, live session links, zoom call links with other professionals as the need may arise.
  17. To take the accountability partnership and respect the privacy of each professional.
  18. To partake in group retreats and prayer meetings as needed.
  19. Voluntarily participate in community project to lift the name of Christ, promote positive image of our businesses and engage in marketplace ministry activities to exalt.
  20. Agree to send in reports of harassment by any member professionals for money.
  21. Voluntarily leverage time and relationship to enhance the group activities of The Tribe of Marketplace Ministers community.

The Tribe of Marketplace Ministers Covenants with the Member is as Follows:

That any member performing and observing all the conditions herein contained, shall together take the word of God to the corporate world.

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