The Tribe of Marketplace Ministers Mentorship Waitlist

The Gift of Mentorship.

The greatest gift a professional can receive in the early years of business is the blessing of a true mentor who cares enough to teach him or her the ropes of the industry they have chosen to build within.

At The Tribe of Marketplace Ministers, we define mentorship as the act of strengthening the frail hands of another professional by one who has been graced with length of days within the same industry. We believe with all of our hearts that mentorship makes a profound difference.. hence why we have taken the time to build a 12week program that’s exclusive to The Tribe of Marketplace Ministers members only.

Membership is free but needs to be confirmed and validated within your first 30 days (send us a DM to ask how) at Entrepreneurs IN Christ. We offer Christian Entrepreneurs a true pathway to growth by affiliating you with one of our Business Network Fellowships as well as your active involvement in one of our 5 ministry arms in an attempt to build your service to God as a marketplace minister.

We also have our doors swung wide open to bring in mentors from the following 10 industries:

  • Real Estate,
  • Oil & Gas,
  • Finance/Accounting,
  • Legal/Law,
  • Medical Profession,
  • Fashion Industry,
  • Retail,
  • Logistics &
  • Transportation,
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Industry,
  • Tech/I.T Industry.

If you have been blessed by God to walk 3 or more years in any of these listed industries and happen to be a Christian fervent in his/her walk with God we would love to speak to you further. Kindly send us a direct message.

Mentorship sessions will hold once a week for 12 weeks as a structured program where mentors can pour out of their wealth of experience into others.

If you need a mentor this is the program that would literally shift your business to the next level so you can be economically stable enough to give of your time and resources in the House of God.

Mentorship is only starting out in Nigeria for now.

We will add new locations as the program progresses.